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Debt Settlement Direct Mail Leads

February 1st by Tom 0 Comments
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Close More Leads With Debt Settlement Mailers

Debt Settlement Direct Mail Leads are the best performing leads available today for Debt Settlement Companies. At Mind River Marketing, while we offer many types of services for companies to help with their Debt Settlement business, BY FAR, the best lead today comes from direct mail. And it’s no wonder, the barriers of entry are higher than other leads (like over-sold, weak internet leads) but the rewards of working leads from people calling in that have received your snap-pack mailer will have higher closing averages – and you’ll also have happier, eager, more productive salespeople.

Don’t Rely On Just Any Firm To Manage Your Direct Mail Campaign

Direct mail is not for the faint of heart. Companies considering Direct Mail to find new Debt Settlement clients should consider more than price when choosing a partner to manage their Direct Mail Campaign. Are you willing to risk the upfront costs of Direct Mail to just any firm? Research and get details before you commit. Direct Mail is more than just a good looking mailer with catchy content. You need to be mailing to the right list. Actually, if you mailed to the exact prospects that need your Debt Settlement service, you could almost scratch a note on a piece of paper and get a decent response. That’s how important a good list is. Don’t skimp and try to cut corners here. With each campaign you mail out you should also be getting a COMPLETE spreadsheet of all the criteria used for the list. Obvious reasons for demanding a detailed list is future suppression, filer comparisons, and more. Again, don’t settle here, reputable marketing companies will give you complete lists with every direct mail campaign you complete with them.

Tracking Your Debt Settlement Direct Mail Campaign

This means more than having your reps keep a daily tally. With each campaign, mail drop, you should be call-tracking to capture every single lead – whether they leave a message or not. Call-Tracking is an excellent tool for every Direct Mail campaign.

Interested In Learning More? Ready For A Quote?

Give us a call or shoot us an email. This is our niche. We understand your business and Direct Mail.

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