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Debt Leads

More consumers are falling behind on their bills than ever before. With the emergence of the Debt Management & Debt Settlement Industries, consumers now have options outside of Bankruptcy. Entrepreneurs in this niche have built successful financial management plans that help consumers get out of debt, as well as developing profitable business models. The number of consumers that need your services continues to grow. At Mind River Marketing we help Debt Management & Debt Settlement Companies locate these prospects.
The Debt Lead Candidate
Identifying the right candidate and profiling that consumer is the first step in creating your Ideal Debt Lead. Retention rates are fast becoming an important metric for companies to follow. Confidence in how a Debt Lead is originated, how exclusive it is – and for how long, determines the future success for companies. Before you continue to spend more money with a Lead Vendor, consider taking back control of your marketing. We can help get that done for you. Research shows that the best Debt Lead contains the following:
• 3 or More Trade-Lines
• $15,000 or More in Consumer Revolving Debt
• Currently Delinquent with Minor Late Payments or
• Current on Credit Cards that are “Maxed-Out” and are about to become Delinquent
• Are Employed or Have Means to Pay for the Program
• Understand that their Credit will suffer from the Program, but will be in a better position at completion of program
Debt lead Solutions
Mind River Marketing can help you locate these prospects by targeting specific attributes found in Credit Bureau Data Lists. Drill down into these selects by pulling records by: credit score, revolving debt amount, payment history, percent of utilization of bank cards and more. These Debt Leads are perfect for Telemarketing and Direct Mail Campaigns. You no longer have to settle for Modeled Credit Data. Our set-up is easy, and you can begin receiving Debt Leads in as little as 48 hours.
Whether your business model is Debt Management, Debt Settlement, or Interest Rate Reduction, you can build a better lead. Deliver quality Debt Leads to your sales force and watch response and closing rates soar!
For a Free Consultation on how you can use Debt Leads for your business, call or email us at info@MindRiverMarketing.com and find out how easy it is to get started.