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Mortgage Direct Mail

Mortgage Direct Mail

Mind River Marketing can manage your entire Mortgage Direct Mail Campaign, start to finish. Depending on your needs, we can manage all or certain parts of the campaign for you. There is little doubt that today, competition for space in Homeowners mail is scarcer than it was just a few years ago. For Mortgage professionals that use Direct mail to find new business, this is great news! Less competition in the mail means better response rates. As Professional Marketers, we have proven success generating new mortgage clients. From List selection, to Mailer Design, to Tracking and more, leverage our expertise for your Mortgage Direct Mail Campaign.

Mortgage Direct Mail Segments

  • Mortgage Lists. There are many choices for consideration when you start your Mortgage Direct Mail Campaign. Your Lender has specific guidelines ranging from equity requirements, income, employment, credit and more. Our Consultants will work with you to build a targeted list, certain to identify your exact client. Our List Services include property specific information, demographic and credit based data. Our popular Credit Bureau based list can help sort out credit qualified prospects, meaning you can zero on exact credit scores and payment histories and mail only to credit qualified prospects.
  • Mail Piece Selection. Consumers generally sort their mail into two stacks “Junk” and “Important”. Getting to the important stack is critical to the success of your campaign. At Mind River Marketing, we constantly test different Mailers from official looking letters and snap-packs, to more personal type invitations. Understanding your prospect and designing a Mailer that will be opened and welcomed by them is something we do very well.
  • Copywriting. Once the Mailer has been opened you have about 3 seconds to convince the reader to continue reading. We can merge all the benefits of your Mortgage refinance opportunity into the Mailer. We create the Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action (AIDA) that makes our Mortgage Direct Mail Campaign so successful.
  • Tracking. One of the most important parts of a Mortgage Direct Mail Campaign is tracking. This is more than just having your processor log in telephone calls. We utilize call-tracking and assign unique phone numbers on every campaign. All calls are recorded and hang-ups are captured. Use call-tracking for training purposes as you replay the call.

Partnering with the right company will determine how successful your campaign will be. At Mind River Marketing, we’ve successfully managed Direct Mail for Mortgage Companies of all sizes. Our reach and economies of scale allow you to compete by giving you the absolute lowest pricing available in the market.

For a Free Quote on all, or part of your marketing campaign, give us a call or email us at info@MindRiverMarketing.com to find out how you can get the best response from your Mortgage Direct Mail Campaign.