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Mortgage Lists

Mortgage Lists

Mind River Marketing’s Mortgage Lists offer every possible solution that Mortgage Professionals could encounter. Whether you are seeking lists for telemarketing, direct mail, or email campaigns. Our powerful database, updated every week, covers all 50 states with over 500 selectable attributes. Our Consultants can help you build the most targeted list at the absolute best price available on the market. Our List Consultations are always free.

Property Plus Database Lists: This comprehensive list covers selects found in public records, then enhanced with by overlaying comprehensive demographic and modeled data. Selects include: Loan Amount, Type of Loan (Fixed/Arm), Average Historical Interest Rates, LTV, Length of Residence, Demographic, Behavioral, Household, and more.

Credit Bureau Data Lists: Direct from the Credit Bureau and pulled fresh to your specifications. This premium list zeros in on your exact program credit needs. Select by exact Credit Score or range, Loan Amount, Payment History, Revolving Debt Amount, % Utilization of Credit, and more.

Refinance Lists: Target Homeowners that have above market interest rates, adjustable rates, Low LTV’s, and more. Combine Credit Based attributes to market only to exact credit score ranges and loan payment history.

FHA Streamline Refinance Lists: Target FHA streamline refinance candidates. Identify these prospects by Loan Type (FHA Borrowers), Minimum Credit Score, Loan Amount, and more.

Loan Modification: Find Homeowners that need Loan Modifications. Target these Homeowners by identifying High Risk Loans; Adjustable rates, Subprime, and Negative Equity (High LTV). Find Homeowners that have experienced recent late payments and that are beginning to fall behind, before an NOD is filed. Payment History Lists include: Loan Amount and Payment History (30, 60, 90 days late).

Pre-Foreclosure Lists: Great for Investors and companies working with Homeowners to identify buying or selling opportunities. Find these Homeowners before NOD’s are filed and stay ahead of the competition.

For a Free Consultation and quote, call or email us at info@MindRiverMarketing.com and find out how you can get targeted Mortgage Lists for your next marketing campaign.

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