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Telemarketing Services

Telemarketing Services

Considering originating your own Telemarketing Leads? Building your own telemarketing team takes more than just buying additional phone equipment and hiring telemarketers. With Mind River Marketing’s assistance, you don’t have to go it alone. Our Virtual Telemarketing Program puts you in the drivers’ seat. Let us share our expertise and Industry Best Practices to help ensure that your telemarketing efforts create qualified leads that stay in budget.

Managing Your Telemarketing Campaign

The first thought companies have after they’ve decided to by-pass the Lead Vendor middleman is to take the Telemarketing production all in-house. And at first glance it may seem to make sense. At Mind River Marketing we believe there is a better way. We’ve made it easy for companies of any size to test our Virtual “In-house style” Telemarketing Campaign without any long term commitments.

Mind River Marketing’s Partnership Solution

Our solution fits most companies Telemarketing objectives, at a price point that makes sense. We do all the heavy lifting for you and completely manage your campaign. Our partnerships with Philippine Call Centers enable us to produce high quality leads at or below the cost it would take for most companies managing the campaign themselves in-house. We have no long term commitments. Our Call center reps are college educated, excellent English speaking with little or no accent. Our Telemarketers are true professionals in this field. You control the quality of the lead. Based on your specific criteria, our Telemarketers will originate exclusive leads for you. This is your campaign; we hire, train, and provide all the resources necessary to make sure the lead quality is there, and at a price point far below what would typically be paid for Hot-Transfers.

Outline for Our Telemarketing Services

Clear Objectives: Identify purpose of campaign. Clearly understand sales cycle, product or service.

Expectations: Estimate leads per hour, per rep that is common for industry.

Number of Telemarketers & Length of Campaign: Determine number of Telemarketers needed. Our minimum campaign length is just one month. No long-term contracts are ever required.

Data Lists: Each campaign includes quality data lists, prospects that have been determined to qualify and that have a need for your product or service – no need to buy data, it’s built-in.

Full Reporting: Reports include daily, weekly, and monthly production.

Fee Structure: Our Telemarketing Services are priced at an hourly rate. Pricing will vary from $15 to $20 per hour depending on the number of agents assigned to campaign. Pricing is all inclusive and covers the cost of training, phone lines/usage, telemarketers, call-recording, and quality data lists.

For a Free Consultation call or email us at info@MindRiverMarketing.com to find out how you can generate qualified Telemarketing Leads utilizing our Telemarketing Services.